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To seek a revising upwards to $50,000 per annum the amount people can contribute to superannuation under concessional tax arrangements and to permanently indexing that new cap. To seek a progressive increase in the compulsory employer superannuation guarantee from 12% to 15%. To ensure that the preservation superannuation age is not lifted beyond 60 for Australia's police officers.

The Police Profession
The establishment of a National Police Registration Scheme. Ensuring that police powers are not extended to non-sworn personnel and are reserved for sworn police officers who are subjected to the appropriate oversight and controls.

IR Issues
Ensuring, that in respect to Police in the Federal IR system, the Commonwealth meets its international obligations including adherence to ILO conventions to which it is a signatory. An amendment to Section 176(1)(c) of the Fair Work Act 2009 to ensure that the Registered Organisation is the sole Bargaining Agent and other Bargaining Representatives are not able to be appointed where more than two-thirds of the workforce are members of one registered organisation under the Fair Work (Registered Organisations) Act 2009. The funding, by the Federal Government, of a tripartite study into wage fixations principles and agreement making for Australia’s police.

Workers Compensation Improvements
Stand-alone legislative Workers’ Compensation and Rehabilitation coverage for police officers deployed overseas, with the cover providing comparable benefits to that provided for ADF personnel facing comparable risks.

International Deployment Group Funding
Ensuring appropriate funding for sufficient IDG personnel to respond to the scenarios identified in the Whole of Government approved IDG Future Strategies scenario including – No reduction in pay, terms and conditions and entitlements for AFP employees deployed overseas as part of the IDG and/or as part of the AFP International Network from that being received in the 2012/13 financial year. The terms and conditions of a Commissioners Determination for overseas deployments being supplementary to and not be a reduction of, the overall terms and conditions which AFP employees receive domestically under their AFP Industrial Agreement registered with the Fair Work Commission.

A World Class Policing Good Practice Code For Managing Risks in Policing
The PFA has produced a world-class Good Practice Code for Managing Risks in Policing to make policing a healthier and safer profession for officers.  The Code was launched in May 2014 and a copy of the document is available on the home page of our website.

Police Health and Safety Incident Reporting
The development of national annual reporting guidelines on serious work health and safety hazards, risks and actual serious incidents and non-compliance experienced by the nation’s police departments.

Child Care
The development of an affordable model of flexible childcare for policing families that meet the needs of 24/7 shift workers.  The PFA has been involved in a trial with the Federal Government and Family Daycare Australia.  The trial is currently being evaluated by the National Institute of Family Studies.

National Police Service Medal
Expediting the roll out of the National Police Service Medal (NPSM) and having the operable date for the medal backdated to 14 February 1975 to allow former members access to the award who meet the eligibility criteria. 

Serious and Organised Crime
A national approach to tackle unexplained wealth and criminal organisations including complimentary legislation across all jurisdictions.

An Australian Crime Prevention Program
A $60 million per annum Australian Crime Prevention Program operating nation-wide and funded from confiscated proceeds of crime and unexplained wealth, including a crime prevention stream devoted to indigenous communities. An amendment to the POCA Confiscated Assets Trust Fund to cover charities providing welfare support to victims of crime and police welfare.

A Mobile Broadband Network for Public Safety Agencies
The provision of 20 MHz of the 700 MHz band spectrum for a dedicated mobile broadband network for Australia’s public safety agencies so that inter-operable communications become a reality across the nation.

Alcohol Related Violence and Crime
The implementation of the ‘Newcastle Model’ of liquor licensing conditions, hours of sales and Plans of Management to dramatically reduce the incidence of alcohol-fuelled violence around night‑time entertainment venues. Initiatives that reduce the supply/ consumption of alcohol in indigenous communities, in particular community based initiatives such as alcohol management plans.

Collaborative Purchasing
The introduction of a collaborative purchasing framework for the purchase of police uniforms and equipment nationally.

Immigration Issues
A process for advising relevant parties when an AAT application is lodged for a review of a decision under section 501 of the Migration Act 1958 where the Minister has made a decision to cancel a visa on the grounds that the person did not pass the character test.

Other National Issues of concern
A capped fringe benefits tax exemption (salary packaging) for police, like that for nurses and ambulance officers;
restoring the private health insurance rebate or easing the means test for families; and
recognition of Australia’s police through awards and other means.

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